The common/Community transit procedure functions as a multi-purpose tool for operators, allowing either non-Union goods to be moved between two EU Member States, or Union goods to be moved between two EU Member States through a third country or an EFTA country.

The main feature of the common/Community transit procedure is that movement of goods is not subject to customs duties and taxes, based on guarantees, up until their arrival at their final destination and their clearance through customs. Common/Community transit is directly linked to most customs procedures.

Examples of transit-customs clearance services include:

  • Lodging of T1/T2/ TIR transit declarations.

  • Providing necessary customs guarantees.

  • Complete support with physical presence during personalised inspections.

  • Issuance of T2L certificates.

  • Complete assistance in preparation of the supporting documents required for transit.

  • Complete support in transactions with supply chain actors, such as: Cargo terminals, shipping companies, Warehousing and distribution facilities.

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