The lodging of import declarations with customs authorities is mandatory when goods are brought into European territory from a third country or from a European Free Trade Association (EFTA) country. This entails a series of formalities and procedures, in compliance with current legislation. Customs duties, taxes and VAT are calculated based on the value of imported goods and paid at the local customs offices, whereby the goods are released for free circulation in the European Community.

Available customs procedures such as: Outward processing, Temporary admission and re-exportation, Customs warehousing, End-use and processing under customs control, combined with customs clearance operations, provide unlimited opportunities for the economic operators.

Examples of Import customs clearance services include:

  • Lodging of import declarations.

  • Complete support with personalised presence during physical inspections.

  • Payment of duties, taxes, VAT and other charges.

  • Complete assistance in preparation of the supporting documents required for the importation of goods.

  • Completion of all technical procedures involving other public agencies such as the General Chemical State Laboratory, Veterinary Inspection Services and the Phyto Pathologists and Agronomists Inspectorate, and up until goods have been cleared through Customs and set into free circulation.

  • Complete support in transactions with supply chain actors, such as: Cargo terminals, shipping companies, Warehousing and distribution facilities.

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