The sector of  products subject to excise duties is based in full monitoring and thorough customs control of excisable products, such as ethyl alcohol, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, liquid fuels and oils.

Production, movement, import and export of such products take place through the customs function of the authorised warehousekeeper and the excise warehouse, while other customs functions, such as the registered consignee (temporary or not) and registered consignor, provide opportunities for development, depending on the commercial activity of each business.

Through the Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS), the movement of excise goods within the European Community is carried out under suspension of excise duty.

Services include:

  • Submission of electronic Administrative Documents (eADs) through EMCS.

  • Submission of simplified administrative documents.

  • Handling production reports, modification applications.

  • Submission of excise duty declarations.

  • Submission of import declarations for excise goods.

  • Submission of export declarations for excise goods.

  • Complete support with personalised presence during physical inspections.

  • Complete support in transactions with supply chain actors, such as: Cargo terminals, shipping companies, Warehousing and distribution facilities.

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